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Data Science Bulletin (DSB) is a meta newsletter that maps news from the world of data science, machine learning, statistics and computer science with a focus on banking and finance. It was created by its authors to keep them in touch with news from their field.

DSB does not contain the latest articles, nor does it offer them first. The content consists of links that we find useful and interesting regardless of the date of their publication or the popularity of the topic. So as in the beginning, our primary goal is to educate ourselves. But if it is also interesting for someone else, then of course we will be pleased.

The first hundred volumes are in the Czech language, because we are from the Czech Republic, but DSB has been published in English since the volume 101. Mainly because we wanted to offer it to our colleagues from other countries. So obviously English is not our native language, which certainly affects the quality of the labels we write. Hopefully it won’t hurt your eyes too much.

And who are we? We are data scientists from one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic. It is probably worth noting that everything that is written here on this whole web does not represent the opinion or attitudes of our employer.

Jakub Kramata

Senior Data Scientist and nihilist from ČSOB. In love with big data, Python and beer. Trained in economics and finance. Looking for the endgame. Hopefully data will help.

Martin Münch

Team/Tech lead of DS team in ČSOB. I am trying to find content from Group 1 and Group 2 people, while not wasting my reading time on the rest.