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DSB #105


because last week in Czechia was shorter, the DSB has been postponed until this Friday. So if you are tired open some links and relax. An article I enjoyed the most is the one about MIT testing Covid-19 just with your mobile phone in Pop.

And as always, enjoy your reading.

Analytical – Deepnoote was first mentioned in DSB #90 when they raised a lot of money. Now, you can go on their website, and try their real-time collaborative Python or R notebook for free! (rcmd by reader) – Predicting customer lifetime value in Python. – How to handle imbalanced data with semi-supervised and self-supervised learning. Or how to handle this problem more traditionally here.

Computer Science & Science – According to TIOBE’s index Java has fallen, and Python is the second most popular programming language. C is the next… (rcmd by reader) – Do you wanna go on production with your code? Then you should do test driven development (TDD). This article tells you how to apply it in Python. (rcmd by reader) – Methods we know (or should know) in Python.

Graphs and Visualizations – Spočítejte si, jaká je pravděpodobnost, že ve skupince lidí bude někdo nakažený. – Maybe the best visualization how is coronavirus spreading in different environments. – Nice, simple and intuitive way how to explain correlation or other statistical measures and tests.

Business and Career – Great questions, not only for job interview but also for management of any company. – How Snaptravel have organized their data team in time and what they have learnt? – China blocked Ant Group’s IPO. Ant Group is according to wiki the world’s highest-valued fintech, so it’s quite a big thing.

Pop – You probably already read this news, Covid-19 can be detected by cough recorded on cellphone thanks to MIT. (rcmd by reader) – Amazing and fascinating reading where the science stands in case of information’s ability to get out of the black hole. – Story of Palantir Technologies, a company that is often used by others for data analysis, yet not only by companies but also by public institutions or USA army.

Education – Multiple friendly ways how to publish Python apps. (rcmd by reader) – Fourier transformation with scippy.fft module by SciPy in Python. – Recognize topic of a document with Bert. Code is here.

Data & Libraries – New Tensorflow 2.4.0 was released, see what’s new. (rcmd by reader) – Fake data generator for Python. If you need them, just create them. (rcmd by reader) – How does Spotify process music? Let’s introduce Klio, their framework, now newly open-sourced.  (rcmd by reader)

Video & Podcast – A perfect short video that explains you Gartner Hype Cycle and not only. You will also learn how to interpret multiple 2d graphs ordered in time. Illuminating. – 2 hours long document how AI is changing everything right here, right now. Have not seen it yet, I assume it will be very popular, so beware.

Papers & Books – Train GANs with ordinary differential equations. – Compress your neural networks.

Behind the Fence – Senior Full Stack Developer at Panopta, Chicago, USA.


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