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DSB #118


and Yabba Dabba Doo! It’s Friday and you can start your weekend with DSB! I definitely recommend the video from Behind the Fence by Netflix, or the article how data science is losing its attractiveness from Business and Career.

As always, enjoy your reading.

Analytical – How does personalization works and which groups of methods we can distinguish. – AutoML with PyCaret. – What
is CUPED and how it can help with more informed product decisions and also fasten the experiments?

Computer Science & Science – What kind of errors can a quantum computer have and what happens or means if they are correlated. – Examples of what nowadays are computers able to write. See yourself whether they’re good or not. – System desing interview – how to handle it and how to understand a system.

Graphs and Visualizations – List of data visualizations research papers, books, blog posts, and others. (rcmd by reader) – Bulding
UI for your ML model, function, or API with Gradio. – Let’s play with
Uber and Lyft data and get an insight with some simple visualizations.

Business and Career – Data science is loosing its appeal, the reality setup by organisation is not meeting with expectations. (rcmd by reader) – This is how you get a job for a malware-as-a-service platform. – Corporate vs good software: “It is possible to build a good software team that can build good software, inside an enterprise. It takes shielding to protect them from the constraints that the company imposes.” (rcmd by reader)

Pop – Research about dreams is quite interesting and also disturbingly attractive for companies like Amazon. Imagine your intelligent speaker trying to influence you while you sleep. (rcmd by reader) – How did ML helped or not helped with the fight against COVID-19? A really long article but very interesting reading. – Apple is considering its own primary healthcare service and it’s all about the data.

Education – Courses by Huggin Face on NLP. (rcmd by reader) – Quite comprehensive article about SVM. – Design an agent which can navigate the procedurally generated ascii dungeons in NetHack in this NeurlPS Challenge! Or challenge about Minecraft diamond mining. (rcmd by reader)

Data & Libraries – Redis is a popular Key-Value NoSQL database, yet the PostgreSQL can still be more than enough. (rcmd by reader) Mesh, a new paradigm in enterprise data architecture. – New AWS service for data streaming (e.g. video) called Timestream. (rcmd by reader)

MLOps – There are so many ML platforms that one can easily lose his/her head. Use this to compare them and find what suits you. (rcmd by reader) – ML models monitoring, its features and why it’s important. – Deploying a model with CherryPy and Docker. With code, of course.

Video & Podcast – Videos from PyCon US 2021. (rcmd by reader) – Linear algebra for ML.

Papers & Books – Probabilistic Gradient Boosting Machines (PGBM) beats traditional GBM. – Python Programming Puzzles (P3), enhance your Python powers! – Let’s see how algorithmic efficiency of NN is evolving. It doubles every 16 months.

Behind the Fence – Data Engineer in Netflix. Hilarious video, this is how you do your job advertisement. (rcmd by reader)


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