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DSB #131


Sunday is ending, but for the DSB it’s just the beginning! My recommendation is an article about the new strategic game Dark Forest from Pop that is far from ordinary. Or an old but gold article helping shy people to handle networking from Business and Career.

And as always, enjoy your reading.

Analytical – Do you think that you are good at NumPy? Well, then try these 45 questions and find out whether you go down in flames or not. (rcmd by reader) – Author of this interesting analysis is trying to identify Bitcoin price manipulations. (rcmd by reader) – Don’t have enough labeled data? Try this first article from the series of “Learning with not enough data” (second part is here).

Computer Science & Science – Several good hints on how to improve your Python code. (rcmd by reader) – How should identity of a user work on Web3.0? What will change? – You probably know DDoS attacks, and even these are improving in time and new more potent methods are created.

Graphs and Visualizations – One simple picture that shows what happens when you write a URL in a address bar in a browser. – Very long and comprehensive article on optimalizaton of web animation to make it look smoother. – Let’s create
interactive visualizations using ipywidgets combined with seaborn!

Business and Career – Are you an introvert, overthinker or shy person, yet you still want to improve your networking? Then definitely open the link. – In DSB #123 you could read about freelancers in data visualizations. Now this article is about being a freelancer in data science. (rcmd by reader) – It seems that Americans use more and more fintechs and digital banks for their primary checking accounts. And for the younger generations they are the first choice.

Pop – Dark Forest is a new MMO real-time strategy built on zkSNARK, a powerful cryptographic tool and it’s one of the first decentralized “incomplete-information” game. – MetaMask and Infura stopped serving users from Venezuela, because of a mistake when they needed to comply with sanctions directives from the USA. The whole crypto market is slowly becoming more centralized and regulated whether we like it or not. – Interview with Ukraine’s minister for information transformation about role of the IT in the war and also about crypto donations and more.

Education – Nice intro to Monte Carlo simulation with Python code. (rcmd by reader) – List of resources on Python. I know, I know…another one you say, but this one is for advanced users! Have a look. (rcmd by reader) – 12 short tutorial videos about Airflow.

Data & Libraries – minibos is a Python application for locally running a collection of interdependent docker services and managing them. – Python package which provides a simple interface for fitting and using state-of-the-art interpretable models, all compatible with scikit-learn. – StatsForecast is another library for time series forecasting. It says it is the fastest one thanks to numba.

MLOps – Unfortunately, some people prefer Jupyter notebooks, so it’s only natural to somehow use notebooks in production. For that purpose try Metaflow. – And you may also deploy a Jupyter notebook with Docker…

Video & Podcast – This is a great video about a robot that plays curling! (rcmd by reader) – Make yourself invisible to recognition algorithms with an adversarial patch. (rcmd by reader)

Papers & Books – This 20 minutes short video explains a paper about vision transformers, how they work. – In DSB #108 was mentioned book Intro to probabilistic ML by Kevin P. Murphy. Now the second one was released and it’s called Probabilistic Machine Learning: Advanced Topics. And it’s again for free.

Behind the Fence – Engineering Manager, Data Science in Adobe, North America.


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