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DSB #102


end of the week brings bulletin – at least today! This volume is much more about data engineering than data science, you can start with roadmap for a modern data engineer in Business and Career. Personally, I will definitely have a look at course about mathematical modelling of soccer.

As always, enjoy your reading.

Analytical – Python is everywhere, now even in Postgres and you can build a recommendation engine this way. (rcmd by reader) – How to test a ML. Text by a core maintainer for PyTorch Lightning. He was inspired by this amazing paper. (rcmd by reader) – Use this extension for PyTorch and replace your dense matrices by the sparse ones.

Computer Science & Science – True pythonic code looks like this, at least according to author of the text. (rcmd by reader) – Funny text about two powerfull editors: vi and Emacs. (rcmd by reader) – Presentation about logging in python, how to. Use also up and down arrows to navigate through the presentation. (rcmd by reader)

Graphs and Visualizations – How to identify a deepfake video? Yep, there are the human blood movements. – If you wanna play with computer vision, read this one about open source computer vision projects. – Colours of America like you have never seen before. And how are they connected to political beliefs.

Business and Career – Roadmap for a modern data engineer, what one should know? (rcmd by reader) – The short summary of a study about digital banks like N26, Revolut or Monzo. What can possibly stop them? – Learn about Wealthfront, a fintech company that is suposed to help you invest, of course with help of technology.

Pop – TinyML enables implementation of machine learning (ML) in ultra-low power systems. Will it be new hype? (rcmd by reader) – Very high level view on traffic predictions by DeepMind, but still interesting reading. – Article written by a robot thanks to GPT-3. And there you can read why it’s a load of bollocks.

Education – And again TinyML and course about it by Harvard. – Wow, course about mathematical modelling of football (soccer). Seems interesting not only for fans. – Embrace the unsupervised DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm.

Data & Data Mining – If you need a 3D representation of common household objects, this is a database for you! Created by Google Research. – Amazing repository that contains everything you need to manage your ML production. – Generate your own YAML.       

Video & Podcast – A new podcast by Jacqueline Nolis a Emily Robinson. Authors of this book about career in data science. (rcmd by reader) – Anthony Goldbloom is the founder and CEO of Kaggle and he tells you not only how Kaggle has changed but much more. – Tunning peformance of PyTorch just by changing a few lines of code.

Papers & Books – Learn about many algorithms in a book completely created in jupyter. (rcmd by reader) – Very soon more than relevant paper about election predictions, how to handle and understand the models.

Behind the Fence – Data Scientist in jetBlue, New York, USA.


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