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DSB #107


Christmass is near and instead of chance to embarrass ourselves at some party we are stuck at home. I really recommend POP articles about AlphaFold if you have not heard about it before. And definitely try to compose your own opera in Graphs and Visualizations – trust me you need to try it, it’s an amazing experience 🙂

Finally, merry Christmas full of wonders! May your happiness be large and see you in 2021!

And as always, enjoy your reading.

Analytical – Your model can leak training data if it’s not trained properly. Beware of that. (rcmd by reader) – This was shared via data science community lately, a question whether ADAM is the best optimizer or people creates only those neural networks on which ADAM works well. (rcmd by reader) – Chess2vec, utilizing word2vec on chess moves. (rcmd by reader)

Computer Science & Science – Listen to the systems and networks! Yeah, really listen to them, because you can monitor your systems with their sounds if you make them sound! (rcmd by reader) modernizuje a přichází s novým způsobem distribuce a vzniká tak CentOS Stream. To vyvolalo reakci původních tvůrců, kteří chtějí přijít s vlastním klonem Rocky Linux. (rcmd by reader) – Architecture of ML monitoring on production.

Graphs and Visualizations – Oh my goodness! This is mesmerizing, probably the best thing I’ve ever seen in visualizations. Create your own opera in a few minutes. Hilarious! (rcmd by reader) – Just a few lines of code in Python and you can draw lines via your gestures in front of a webcam. (rcmd by reader)

Business and Career – Time estimates are painfull, difficult but essential and you should do them. Why? Read that in the article. (rcmd by reader) – Glue work is important. You cannot depend only on your tech skills. You can’t be a real senior without it. (rcmd by reader) – Coinbase is going public and bitcoin has broken all records…

Pop – First huge scientific achievement by AI? Read about protein folding described by AlphaFold, why it is so important and how it was done. (rcmd by reader) – The newest article about the discovery with additional information. (rcmd by reader) – AI trends what one can expect in 2021?

Education – How to get better in your position? How to outdo seniors? (rcmd by reader) – Quick intro to pandas, the latest version. (rcmd by reader) – Advanced data science course for PhD students at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Data & Libraries – Atheris is an open-source fuzzer by Google that identifies security bugs in Python code. See the github repository. (rcmd by reader) – Idea how the data catalogs should look like. – Evolution of Financial Time’s data platform – from SQL server to stream of real time data.

Video & Podcast – Short video about AlphaFold. (rcmd by reader) – Small video tutorials on multiple topics in Python. Nicely done. (rcmd by reader)

Papers & Books – The most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years.

Behind the Fence – Assesment developer in Python in Workera, USA.


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