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DSB #114


today is Sunday which is unusual for DSB, but at least you have something pleasurable to do today or on Monday. I really recommend the first two articles about meta-overfitting or branch specialization from Analytical. 

As always, enjoy your reading. 

Analytical – Meta-overfitting error (MOE) and its upper bounds for popular deep net architectures. The estimate is called Rip van Winkle’s Razor. – The branch specialization – when in neural networks across different architectures and tasks branches specilize on certain problems. The features are organizing between branches. – State-of-the-art methods for neural networks optimization.

Computer Science & Science – Pandas and batching means unlimited memory for everybody. More articles on this topic can be found here. (rcmd by reader) – Usualy companies build single ML solution, but compositional AI is the next step when you combine what you already have to create something new. (rcmd by reader) – What a beauty, 4 NVIDIA RTX A6000, AMD EPYC 2 with 32 cores, 192 GB in GPU memory and 256 GB in RAM…

Graphs and Visualizations – Ever wonder how to visualize NLP models? Then stop wondering and learn. (rcmd by reader) – notebookJS is a Python library that integrates JavaScript and now your Python graphs can be more beautiful than ever. – Some atypical but very appealing ggplot geoms.

Business and Career
– Is KBC leaving Ireland? What does it mean for customers? And some interesting Q&A. (rcmd by reader) – Embedded finance and embedded fintechs and their role in banking. – Coinbase is now, since Wednesday, a publicly traded company and it’s quite huge. There is a list of Coinbase acquisitions and interesting comparison with Amazon.

Pop – Static vs dynamic paradigm in deep learning architectures and the role of adversarial examples. (rcmd by reader) – Facial recognition and some wild algorithms will probably be banned by the EU. They are already people falsely accused and arrested thanks to these technologies. Also it is a topic of a new documentary by Netflix Coded Bias. (rcmd by reader) – You probably know S&P500 and you should also know the MAD index that follows in US publicly listed ML/AI companies.

Education – Google AI comes with an example of success as a new way how to teach an agent in RL. (rcmd by reader) – Some basic ways how to create features in NLP. – Google speech2text api in Python, how to do it and what does it require.

Data & Libraries – Stack is a new experimental app by Google that digitizes your physical receipts, which is the domain of many startups. Now the big guy is coming… (rcmd by reader) – How to use PyWebIO to deploy a model. has propably the best videos about math on the youtube, but he also have great cool animation and you can have too! With Manim and Python!

Video & Podcast – Podcast Banking Transformed with Jim Marous who is debating the future of financial institutions in digital world. Lot’s of episodes to listen to. (rcmd by reader) – Nicely done video about creating a chess program in C#. (rcmd by reader)

Papers & Books – The most used datasets for computer vision and nlp have label errors. And it’s mainly important for model evaluation on test sets. 

Behind the Fence – Lead Data Scientist in Butter Payments, San Francisco, US.

Joke – Surprise! (rcmd by reader)

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