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DSB #135


and surprise, DSB is here! So get comfy and read everything! I would recommend an intro to linear programming from Education, since I personally consider OR-Tools the best package there is for that purpose. Very intriguing is also a sceptical article about personalization from Pop. It’s an unusual opinion to read when some people are able to use crazy words like hyper-personalization.

And as always, enjoy your reading.

Analytical – Article about multioutput regression in Python describing 3 primary strategies how to solve for various outputs. (rcmd by reader) – Kaggle competition with prize money 100 000 USD. Started 11 days ago and the goal is to predict a default of American Express customers. – Comprehensive article about marginal effects and which types there are (AME, MEM, MER…). Contains lots of R code.

Computer Science & Science – Quick and simple way to code a blockchain. For a more complex solution see DSB #119. – First of five articles about connection between optimization algorithms and polynomials. – If you are into Linux then you maybe would like to know how fast the pipes could be?

Graphs and Visualizations – I love these visual tutorials. The link contains several ML terms and topics explained nicely and understandably with beautiful visualizations. – Visaulization of multicolinearity in Python. – SVG is a popular format, so it might useful to know how to add texture and depth, how generate SVG pictures, create illustrations or convert raster image into an SVG.

Business and Career – 7 points why Silicon Valley is much better in utilization of their software engineers than companies in Europe. – Fintech startups are falling, should we make a wish? Valuation cuts, dismissal of employees – Google introduced Google Wallet. It will let you store credentials, payment methods, access tokens (such as digital car keys), and vaccine records.

Pop – Sceptical opinion on personalisation, it simply does not work.  “Can you name a single famous brand built through personalisation? – In DSB #133 we talked about images generated by DALL-E. This article
argues whether it is art or not. On the other hand some disagree with critique of DALL-E.  But no matter the answer, definitely try this hilarious web generating MtG cards. – Is explicit feedback more valuable than implicit feedback? And why has Netflix changed its rating again?

Education – Intro to linear programming in Python with OR-Tools package by Google. – Intro to timm library which provides state-of-the-art pre-trained computer vision models. – Notebook from Kaggle about Random Forests on the famous Titanic dataset. Another great and practical intro.

Datasets & Libraries – NannyML is a Python library that helps with performance monitoring of deployed ML models.

MLOps – Learn how to deploy a hugging face transformers with Amazon SageMaker. – List of tools you can use for MLOps. Also enables interactively design your own MLOps stack. – You probably know what is metadata, the next level is active metadata.

Video & Podcast – What is the difference between MLOps and DevOps?

Papers & Books – Gato is another step to generalized AI. It can do multiple things from playing Atari to chatting with you. Is it more than just a big reinforcement learning NN?

Behind the Fence – Windows Engineer in L2T, Herndon, USA.


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